White Widow Marijuana


  • Sativa dominant hybrid strain with Sativa – Indica ratio at 60:40
  • Derived from Brazilian Sativa Landrace and a South Indian Indica
  • Contains 18-25% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN
  • Comes with earthy, woody and floral flavor
  • Leaves you euphoric and energized


Buy White Widow Marijuana Online

White Widow Marijuana Online is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain that comes with the Sativa – Indica. Ratio at 60:40 it has been derive from the Brazilian Sativa landrace and South Indian Indica and comes with some. Earthy, woody and floral aroma. Also,this strain of White Widow contains the THC, CBD and CBN composition level of 18-25%, 1%, and 1% respectively that can easily give you a happy, relaxed, euphoric and energized state of mind.

White Widow Marijuana for Sale

It can also be use to PTSD, stress, pain, and depression.This classic strain has maintained popularity for good reason. Developed in the Netherlands by an Australian seed breeder, the near-balanced blend is characterized by its light-green color and white crystals. It’s a compact plant of medium height; the buds only develop a very few amber-colored hairs, but the resin content of the nugs is notable.



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