White Fire OG Marijuana


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Buy White Fire OG Marijuana Online

White Fire OG Marijuana Online comes from the breeding projects of OGRaskal, a long0time member of the online. Cannabis community, and the man responsible for the Fire OG cut.  Also,He used that illustrious mother and mated her with a reversed Krome’s The White female to create the WiFi. This strain has taken the cannabis scene by storm since its release, with a variety of choice phenotypes including Raskal. Own WiFi #3 selection being frantically trade throughout the scene. Known for its great combination of bag appeal and potency, The White is a good match for the OG because. It receives a needed boost of flavor and character.

Aroma and flavor in our particular WiFi phenotype is definitely OG-dominant, with a sharp and spicy aroma and hints of fuel and skunk.  The nugs are rounde and absolutely beautiful to look at, coate in a thick layer of dusty trichomes.  The White Fire feels like a true hybrid, as the uplifting Fire is mellowe out by the narcotic White. Because,very potent without being anxiety-causing, the WiFi is a versatile med that seems to blend in with its surroundings



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1 OZ, 1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1/8 Pound