Tangie OG Cannabis Oil


  • It’s a cross of California Orange and a Skunk Hybrid
  • The Tangie OG Cannabis is a potent Sativa strain found
  • Has high THC Content (62.06%) and low CBD Content (2.66%)
  • A high euphoric effect for enjoying mind relaxation and comfort
  • A perfect cannabis concentrate for enjoying during the day
  • Used by marijuana patients for treating nausea, stress, and pain




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The potent Sativa cannabis strain Tangie OG is quite popular among the cannabis users for its rich properties. Firstly,this Cannabis strain is a cross formed between California Orange and a Skunk Hybrid that makes it rich in high.THC Content of 62.06%. Also,this Tangie OG Cannabis Oil gives a high euphoria to the users making you uplift mood relax down the mind. And makes feel happy. Furthermore, this is also great for the medical cannabis patients on smoking, it leave a citrus tangerine taste that refreshes the whole day if taken during the daytime.




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