Nepalese Stick Hash


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Nepalese Stick Hash ,Simply by taking a close look a well seasoned veteran can tell the potency is superb. Touching certainly let’s the user know this is good flexible THC glands stuck together. Because, smelling lets the seasoned veteran know as the smell will immediately reach the brain like a super toke or glass rig shatter hit. Potency is always off the charts. Never mind the THC percentages. If you can get your hands on some, just try the real super Nepalese hash to find out. It’s rare but obtainable in certain communities if you know what I mean.

Super Nepalese hash takes one step above any other Nepalese regional made hashish. So, always known for super high quality sticky black Nepalese hashish. Gets you very high. The concentration of THC is astounding. This hashish is not usually pressed with a machine. It’s hand pressed leaving behind a beautiful soft flexible texture. Some will argue their best to make sure you know the good super hash comes from Nepal.



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