Colombian Queen


  • An evenly-balanced hybrid
  • Contains a wildly unique terpene profile
  • Provides the users with happy effects
  • A cross between Space Queen #2 and Colombian Gold cannabis strains
  • Good for daytime and evening usage
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Colombian Queen for Sale

Colombian Queen , a cross between Space Queen #2 and Colombian Gold cannabis strains, is an evenly-balanced hybrid. You make the consumption of this substance in daytime and nighttime. In this substance, the levels of THC content fall under the range of 15 – 23% and the level of THC content is 1%. The trees of this marijuana seed are medium size and it takes 9 to 10 weeks for flowering. So These seeds can be plante in indoor areas, outdoor spaces and greenhouses. Because

So Colombian Queen have created a uniquely delicious cannabis seed in the Strawberry Cough, one with great medical applications and a beautiful sativa high. Because Colombian Queen Seeds Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds grow brilliantly indoors, have gorgeous purple hues and are extremely productive. Because great for beginners and hugely rewarding for anybody looking for high-quality, sweet-smelling bud.


Fresh strawberries and cola cubes.


Very uplifting, cloudbusting high.

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