Cannabis Chocolate Fudge


  • A perfect edible chocolate strain
  • Contains brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract, marshmallow, cane sugar.
  • Winterized BHO composition level 75mg
  • Heals chronic pain, arthritis
  • THC infused chocolate fudge


Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Online is a perfect edible chocolate strain and is highly demanding among the regular cannabis consumers. Also, this THC infused strain contains semi sweet chocolate, brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract, marshmallow and cane sugar that can easily give high a good quality high.


The winterized BHO composition level of this strain is also pretty high (75mg). It heals chronic pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and also gives a temporary relief to the patients of HIV-AIDS.

Marijuana is a drug that is smoke, either in a cigarette or in a bong. There are other interesting ways that are now available, such as a capsule and as a tincture dissolved in an alcohol base. Also, Cannabis as a food is also a great way to get the effect without the smoke.

The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis is a chemical that has an interesting feature. It is calle a hydrophobic substance, which means that it is scared of water and will try to move away from it. It is a great way to use water to extract the THC into another product that will then be full of lovely potent THC.



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