Buy Tangerine Kush Online


  • Tangerine Kush is an Indica product that offers a dreamy, relaxing high
  • The levels of THC content fall under the range of 14% to 20%
  • Provides the users with short-lasting effects
  • Leaves the users feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy and uplifted
  • Can be used to treat stress, pain, depression, insomnia and fatigue


Buy Tangerine Kush Online

Buy Tangerine Kush Online (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) Grown by Health for Life, Tangerine Kush has a potent, but short high. This strain is perfect for those who just want to kick back and chillax’ on the couch. The effects are felt mostly in the head, unlike most others of its kind. After taking on this, you’ll feel happy, creative, and giggly. As with most other strains of weed, dry eyes and a dry mouth are extremely common. However, it’s used medicinally for pain, depression, and lack of appetite. Generally, this is one strain that is best smoked within a week to a week and a half after having purchased it because it is much better when there is still plenty of moisture. Most repeat users recommended that Tangerine Kush should be smoked out of a bowl or a bong since it dries up fast when left to sit.

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