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  • This is the hybrid concentrate of Sativa & Indica strain
  • It comprises a truly high level of THC Content of 85%
  • The shatter has been awarded with the Cannabis Cup in 2010
  • This releases a beautiful aroma of sweet and intense citrus
  • The smokers experience a whole body energizing charm with it
  • A perfect blend of powerful strains for relieving physical discomfort


Buy Tangerine Dream shatter Online

Buy Tangerine Dream shatter Online having an equal proportion of Sativa and Indica strains, Tangerine Dream Shatter is potent Cannabis concentrate. This one is highly popular due to the properties of fast pain reliever and relaxing down muscles. When consumed it clears off the mind and gradually relieves pain making it one of the special Cannabis shatters made available. Unlike other Cannabis shatters, it does not create a high head buzz, in fact, create a great euphoric condition. The Cannabis concentrate lovers enjoy it for getting rid of pain, discomfort, and for energizing the whole body.

Lab Tested Result:

THC: 79.66%
CBD: 2.31%

The cannabis concentrate known as shatter has a transparent, amber appearance that looks glassy when cold, but more like thick honey when warm. Shatter is sometimes compared to honey in its color as well. The level of transparency and richness of color vary based on certain factors, such as the amount of moisture and heat used during the process. Also, the liquidity of the product increases as the percentage of terpenes increase.

Shatter is often consumed through the dabbing or vaporizing process, although smoking it mixed with marijuana flower is also possible. Shatter is the most potent of all concentrates, but since it is slightly unstable, over time it changes into budder.



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