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  • Russian Rhino Shatter is a pure and potent Indica Strain
  • It relishes actions in the form of high Euphoric experience
  • This is used for medical conditions – pain and insomnia
  • The THC Content in the Cannabis concentrate shatter is 74%-80%
  • It is also mixed with Marijuana flower for smoking
  • This has a glassy look with a clear amber appearance
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Buy Russian Rhino Shatter Online

Buy Russian Rhino Shatter Online is use for making a potent Indica shatter – Russian Rhino Shatter. The Cannabis strain grows in the form of a short and bushy structure with varied shades of green leaves. This is smoked hard for enjoying a high head buzz that creates a euphoric feeling of comfort, relaxation, and happiness. Because the shatter can easily be identified due to the amber color glassy appearance when in a cold state. But, the color changes to thick honey when warmed up for vaping or smoking with a mixture of marijuana flower.




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