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Buy Kona Gold Marijuana Online55

Buy Kona Gold Marijuana Online is a 70/30 Sativa by Pua Mana with a high THC average of 24-29%. It tastes like syrupy pineapples with a diesel aftertaste that has a surprisingly smooth finish, while the aroma is citrus. With pineapple and fuel overtones that provide an invigorating pungency  Because, nugs are leafy and coloured with an abundance of. Minuscule golden hairs and trichomes so, kona Gold can treat muscle spasm, chronic fatigue, spasticity, insomnia, and depression perfect for. Daytime or evening usage.
Type of High
Kona Gold cannabis strain’s high offers a steady mood build while your body creeps into a relaxing, comfy state that isn’t suffocating or overwhelmin



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