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  • Khalifa Kush Shatter creates strong cerebral stimulation for the day
  • With a high 84% THC content, this is an ideal product for cannabis smokers
  • Have some of it properties similar to that of the powerful OG Kush
  • It has a relishing taste of sour lemon and pine remaining for long
  • The shatter has a transparent and crystal clear amber appearance


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Buy Khalifa Kush Shatter Online khalifa Kush Shatter is a potent Indica hybrid, a perfect one to be enjoyed by users having a keen interest in smoking Cannabis Shatter. This has got a high 84% of THC content making it one of the most powerful Indica hybrids available. Because althought some of its properties have a strik resemblance to that of OG Kush but its origin still remains a mystery. Suggest as a daytime shatter, this gives a high level of mental satisfaction and energy whole day long. You will experience a sour lemon and pine taste after taste.

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