Buy High CBD premium CO2 Oil

Buy High CBD premium CO2 Oil


  • It is easy to inhale
  • The level of cannabinoids is 65.79%
  • THC composition is 28.52%
  • The level of CBD is 36.81%
  • It is derived from ACDC


Buy High CBD premium CO2 Oil Online

Buy High CBD premium CO2 Oil Online has become quite popular since it is quite easy to inhale. It is extracted from the finest quality marijuana. The total active level of cannabinoids is 65.79%. The level of CBD in it is 36.81%. This strain is derived from ACDC, a cannabis strain. This cannabis oil is completely pure and clean. People who are suffering from stress and depression can make the consumption of it to get rid of these problems. This substance can also be consume by those who are suffering from anxiety.

Total active cannabinoids: 65.79% Total THC: 28.52% Total CBD: 36.81% The cannabinoids comes during CO2 extraction, which seems to produce an oil that is much easier to inhale with no harshness.

Lab Tested Results Of Buy High CBD premium CO2 Oil

THC: 28.52%
CBD: 36.81%




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