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  • Indica marijuana strain
  • Long-lasting cerebral high
  • Cross between God’s Gift and OG Kush
  • Contains 19% THC and 1% CBD
  • Heals chronic pain, insomnia and gastrointestinal disorder


Buy Church Og Marijuana Online is an Indica created by unknown breeders. So, the plants are resistant to mold and can be grown outdoors. Church OG buds are dark green, covere in trichomes and orange hairs. Because, church OG marijuana is best to be use at night time as it has strong sedative effects and induces a feeling of heaviness in the body and mind alike.Because,

Type of High

Church OG marijuana strain induces calming cerebral high along with heavy, deep body buzz. So, uplifts mood, relieves stress, stimulates appetite. So, Promotes sleep and has good analgesic properties.


Buy Church Og Marijuana

Church OG cannabis strain is an OG Kushphenotype.


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