Buy Champagne Kush Marijuana


  • Indica dominant hybrid
  • Cross between Hash Plant and Burmese Kush
  • Contains 26% THC and 6% CBD
  • Gives a body high and leaves euphoric
  • Cures anxiety, anorexia, chronic pain


Buy Champagne Kush Marijuana Online

Buy Champagne Kush Marijuana or Champagne Kush is an evenly balance hybrid strain with exceptional healing properties. The name was derive from the aroma’s uncanny likeness to sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France. This strain was originally create as a cross between Hashplant and an unknown indica, although it is speculate that the unknown indica strain is Burmese Kush. This strain is great for general usage and much like a real glass of champagne, is wonderful for social settings.

The average THC levels of Champagne Kush run between 15-18%, which is evident in the pleasant, yet mild high. Although the THC content of this strain may be considere sub-par or average, if use correctly, the effects of Champagne. Kush can prove to be very effective in the treatment of certain ailments or problems. The indica and sativa effects are well-balance, providing users with a warm sense of euphoria, giggles, and a social buzz. When use in light moderation, making it ideal for dealing with depression, stress and social anxiety.



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