Buy Bianca Marijuana Online


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Buy Bianca Marijuana Online

Buy Bianca Marijuana Online Whoever came up with that had clearly never met Bianca.Buy Bianca Marijuana Online.This three-way Hybrid cross combines the award-winning White Widow, Afghani and a phenotype of White Queen to create a top-shelf Hybrid. Both calming and uplifting, this strain expresses between 15-25% THC levels, according to different reports. Most tests, however, tend to lean toward the 20-25% range.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 25%

CBD: 2%


Both stimulating and relaxing, Bianca is a flower that will leave marijuana consumers feeling incredible. Not heavy-handed enough to crush plans and goals for the day, but still sedative enough to offer a thoroughly relaxing buzz.

Also, As the livelier traits of this flower begin to fade, that sense of relaxation deepens. A warm feeling sweeps over the body, relaxing muscles without locking cannabis consumers to the couch.



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