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How Marijuana Legalization Affected OrganiGram and Aphria’s Latest Results

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How Marijuana Legalization Affected OrganiGram and Aphria’s Latest Results

How Marijuana Legalization Affected OrganiGram and Aphria’s Latest Results ,These two marijuana stocks reported very different results last quarter. Plus, how Abbott’s challenging Dexcom in diabetes, and what’s next for Bristol-Myers following its Celgene acquisition.

Marijuana companies OrganiGram and Aphria reported their most recent quarterly earnings earlier this week. One of the companies reported surprisingly strong sales, while the other delivered disappointment. Are these marijuana stocks buys?

In this episode of The Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Healthcare, analysts Shannon Jones and Todd Campbell explain how these companies. Are performing and what could be next for investors. Shannon and Todd also discuss why Abbott Labs is locking horns with Dexcom in diabetes and what the future looks like for Bristol-Myers Squibb, now that its acquisition of Celgene is official.

To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool’s free podcasts, check out our podcast center. A full transcript follows the video.

Here’s The Marijuana Stock You’ve Been Waiting For
A little-known Canadian company just unlocked what some experts think could be the key to profiting off the coming marijuana boom.

And make no mistake – it is coming.

Cannabis legalization is sweeping over North America – 10 states plus Washington, D.C., have all legalized recreational marijuana over the last few years, and full legalization came to Canada in October 2018.

And one under-the-radar Canadian company is poised to explode from this coming marijuana revolution.

Because a game-changing deal just went down between the Ontario government and this powerhouse company…and you need to hear this story today if you have even considered investing in pot stocks.

Simply click here to get the full story now.


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BEN AND JERRY’S PRAISED FOR RAISING OF MARIJUANA Ben and Jerry’s has been praised for campaigning for people with marijuana-related criminal convictions to have their records expunged.

On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April, the ice cream company partnered with Californian cannabis dispensary Caliva to offer customers. A free pint of ‘Half Baked’ ice cream when they purchased marijuana.

While the offer was announced to mark the annual 420 celebrations, it’s primary aim was to raise awareness about the. Criminal justice reform needed for those persecuted with marijuana-related charges.

“In states where pot is legal, and even though black people and white people use pot at similar rates, black. People are still arrested way more often than whites. We love 4/20 and we love legalisation, but that’s not OK. Ben and Jerry’s stated.

“Let’s be clear: even with increased legalisation, hundreds of thousands of people are still being arrested for pot. And most of those people are black.”

The Vermont-based company has been commended by several people on social media for publicly opposing the “racial disparities” that still exist despite the partial legalisation of marijuana in the US.

B.C. saw lowest average weed price hike in Canada

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B.C. saw lowest average weed price hike in Canada Connoisseurs of B.C. bud have seen a slim increase in average pot prices since the government legalized cannabis last fall, according to Statistics Canada

New numbers released Wednesday from a running national survey of both legal and illegal cannabis buyers found that countrywide, consumers reported an average price hike of about 17 per cent since pot became legal.

But B.C. users reported paying an average of just 3.7 per cent more for their cannabis.

READ MORE: Canadians paying about $10 a gram for legal pot (or $6.37 for illegal pot) — StatCan

Cannabis expert and CEO at Materia Ventures Deepak Anand chalke that low margin up to legal sellers being forced to compete with a well-establishe grey market.

WATCH: Displacing illicit cannabis market is paramount — Blair

“The illicit market has been entrenche for quite a while now in B.C. Most companies, producers, the government know that in order to compete with them, pricing needs to be in line with that,” he said.

“They want to make sure that they’re able to get a sizable piece of the pie and not be irrelevant so from a retailer’s perspective, they want to capture as much of the market share as they can so they want to make sure they’re competitively price.”

READ MORE: Manitoba facing some of highest-rising pot prices in Canada

Anand said on the government side, B.C. Cannabis Stores has hired extensively from the existing industry and studied it closely to ensure its business could compete.

WATCH: Blair not concerned about marijuana shortages in provinces

But in B.C., prices closer to the illicit figure are easy to find on the B.C. Cannabis Stores website, with a sizable selection of product priced at $6.99 to $7.99 per gram. High-end weed goes for as much as $86.79 per gram.

READ MORE: Federal government claims on pot supplies are just smoke and mirrors

“It’s probably true that B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch has sought out price competition as a core priority,” he said. “They definitely were assertive in their positions around price competition when they were negotiating with us,” said Sutton.

READ MORE: Trudeau says cannabis shortage likely to be resolve within a year

Rural spots look for approval as Manitoba

Cannabis News : Best Ganja Store

Rural spots look for approval as Manitoba aims to expand pot sales

The Manitoba government says nearly 100 organizations have pre-qualified for the expansion of retail cannabis sales.

While it’s not known how many will be approved, the government is opening the door to new stores that it hopes will eat into the black market.

“Our goal remains for 90 per cent of the population to have access to retail (cannabis) within a 30-minute drive, within two years of legalization,” Blaine Pedersen, minister of growth, enterprise and trade, said in a written statement Wednesday.

“The ultimate goal is to move to an open market through a streamlined application process in order to ensure Manitobans can access safe, regulated cannabis supplies.”

READ MORE: Tickets reflect learning curve on cannabis laws: RCMP

The province originally chose four companies to sell cannabis when recreational pot sales became legal last October. The companies have opened 19 stores, mostly in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Last summer, the province asked other potential retailers to submit bids to be part of a second wave of store openings. Roughly 100 passed the pre-qualification test, which included showing retail experience and access to at least $300,000 in cash holdings.

The province plans to discuss potential new locations with municipalities. Any new outlets will have to get licences from the provincial regulator, which has specific requirements for storage, security and worker training.

More than 20 of the new applicants are members of the Manitoba Hotel Association.

Rural hotels often have beer vendors, which are a natural fit for cannabis sales, association president Scott Jocelyn said.

“We’re looking for additional opportunities for operators, especially in those smaller communities, to continue to be relevant, to continue to.

READ MORE: Legal pot in Manitoba – a refresher on the rules

The province has not yet indicated when the next round of store openings will be approve. One hurdle is an ongoing wholesale shortage of cannabis that has affected existing stores.

Jocelyn’s members, who, like others, had to submit bids by the end of last August, are anxious to find out.

“We’re kind of just waiting for the government to move us along in the next step.”

Buy Marijuana Edibles Online Europe

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Patrick Cain: Watch out, Ontario — I passed the course to sell you weed. Here’s what I learned

Have you ever really looked at a driver’s licence? I mean really looked?

Hold it in your own hands — both hands — in a good light. Take your time.

Look at it, and feel it as well. Is it thicker than it should be?

Is the first letter on the serial number the first letter of the surname? Are the ninth and 10th digits the same as the last two digits of the year of birth? What about the raised, laser-engraved secondary photo that ought to be in the lower right-hand corner?

And yes, all that will be on the test, if you want a job working in a cannabis store in Ontario.

The CannSell course is loosely based on server training courses for alcohol, explains Nick Pateras of Lift & Co., which developed the course with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The online course, which qualifies people to work in cannabis retail in Ontario, takes about four hours to complete and costs $56.

“While there are some overlaps, there are some pretty big differences,” Pateras explains. “How you store the product, how you actually engage with a customer who doesn’t know about cannabis.”

You can take the exam twice, and get at least 80 per cent in one of the attempts to pass the course. If you fail both exams, you have to pay for the course again to retry.

WATCH: Retailers and future employees of private cannabis stores must pass the “CannSell” test

Store workers aren’t supposed to sell to minors, which should be straightforward given the detailed scrutiny of the photo ID. of anyone who looks under 25.

But they’re also not supposed to sell to anyone who’s impaired, which is sensible in theory but quite challenging in. practice. Here’s what to look for if you’re doing things by the book:

Lift & Co.

The problem, as Pateras concedes (and as critics have pointed out), is that it can be hard to tell if people are stoned.

READ MORE: Are video games, not urine tests, the key to addressing pot in the workplace?

“It’s not easy to spot,” he says.

Another issue is that customers might be unfairly denied service if they fumble with money at the cash register, for example. In reality, they might be nervous, have naturally poor co-ordination or perhaps a health issue.

“Certain cues or identifiers could be caused by a medical condition,” Pateras says.

“You have to draw a very fine line, and be super-cautious and say that it’s not one of these factors in isolation that will cause someone to deny a sale, but one cue is key to looking a little deeper and see several. If you see several, you may have a right to deny a sale, but it’s not one thing in isolation.”

WATCH: More Ontario women using cannabis while pregnant

The course avoids committing itself to predicting that a specific type of cannabis will have a specific effect: that indices. Are relaxing, for example the problem is that there’s no real research to back these associations up — in part. Because prohibition itself has made cannabis hard to study.

READ MORE: Why the labels ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ tell you very little about your pot

The course designers’ compromise is to point out that people often say they experience different effects from different species and. Strains, but doesn’t say that that’s necessarily true (or not).

“You will see a lot of brands and companies say that sativa will give you a certain effect. It’s caricatured as being the uplifting, creative plant type, where indica is the opposite. So, sativa and indica have nothing to do with what you actually feel.”

“We wanted to make it clear – yes, this is how some people commonly say it makes them feel, but that’s not grounded in absolute fact.”

WATCH: Yes, cannabis can help you have better sex — here’s why

We questioned a few decisions.

A chunk of the course content deals with bureaucratic details of running a cannabis store, like requirements for the manager. Also, (And yes, it is on the test.)

A store manager might have to know these things, but is it really necessary for front-line sales staff to learn. Them?

There’s no harm in it, Pateras argues.

“With four hours of content, if a portion of that is above the pay grade of someone in the store, I don’t think it harms them to still understand how the store should be operating.”

READ MORE: Powerful cannabis oils don’t involve smoking, but are ‘much trickier’ to get right

Also, we wondered if the standard start-low-go-slow advice about edible products — like the oils and gel caps that have been available since legalization — might have been a good thing to include. They can pack quite a lot of THC in a small package, and new customers might need a bit of guidance about how to start to experiment cautiously.

“The reason we made the decision not to include that in CannSell Standard for now is that there’s a big window of variability in how people can feel those effects,” Pateras says.

“We’re still looking at it to see if we feel confident about putting it in.”

Patrick Cain is cannabis reporter for Global News and the editor of the Cannabis IQ newsletter.

© 2019 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

Can smoking cannabis really improve your sperm count?

Cannabis News : Best Ganja Store

Can smoking cannabis really improve your sperm count?

The unexpecte finding that men with a history of cannabis smoking had higher sperm counts has been widely reporte after. It was publish in a leading fertilityjournal.

Harvard University researchers tested sperm of 600 men who were currently enrolled at fertility clinics and asked them about their previous drug taking, for the study published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Around half of men had tried, or currently used, cannabis and the researchers found just 5 per cent had clinically. Low sperm counts, compared to 12 per cent of those who had never tried it.

But does the drug really improve your chances of parenthood?


1How could it do this?

The authors suggest that this could be a result of cannabis on the body’s endocannabinoid system which sends chemical. Messages in the brain and has been associated with regulating fertility.

But because of the way the study is designed, measuring patients past habits and current sperm count, they cannot tell. What their sperm levels were before they tried the drug – and therefore prove whether it had any effect.

2What other answers might there be?

The study also found the cannabis user participants had higher testosterone levels, the male sex hormone that plays a key. Role in behaviour and sperm production.

“An equally plausible interpretation is that our findings could reflect the fact that men with higher testosterone levels. Are more likely to engage in risk-seeking behaviours, including smoking marijuana,” said Dr Feiby Nassan, who was one of the uthors of the study

3What do other studies show?

Surprising findings in science should generally be treate with more scepticism until they are repeate in follow-up research and. The existing medical literature on cannabis and fertility should give aspiring fathers pause before they reach for their bongs.

Professor Sheena Lewis, from Queen’s University Belfast, said her lab had studied the effects of cannabis use at similar levels reported by the Harvard team. Gold Drop Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge


“Their sperm quality plummeted,” she said, adding that the sperm became less mobile and less able to penetrate the wall of the egg.

“Worst of all, sperm counts dropped and the nurse cells – also known as sertoli –  that help to make sperm disappeared irreversibly.”

4So what should couples looking to conceive think?

Fertility expert Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, said strict drug laws in many countries currently meant high-quality trials cannot be complete, and so the evidence base is still not great. Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

However, he said he was “unconvince” by the prospect of cannabis being a pancea for male ferility problems. Cannabis Oil Extracts

“In my opinion, this should be avoide at all costs in any couples trying to start a family,” Professor Pacey said. Rove Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

9 Cannabis Couples Who Changed the Game

Cannabis News : Best Ganja Store

9 Cannabis Couples Who Changed the Game

should start by noting that I’ve been part of a cannabis couple for more than ten years. I met my wife Elise McDonough while we were both working at High Times magazine. She’s now Leafly’s NorCal Product Specialist, author of the recently published Bong Appetit cookbook, and a sought-after expert on the cannabis industry. , Buy Refilled Vape Pen Cartridges

I’ve met a lot of cannabis couples in my time, and I do feel they’re specially attuned to each other in a unique way. Sublime Concentrates CO2 Cannabis Oil Cartridge

I wrote a pot book too, and I co-host a podcast called Great Moments in Weed History w/ Abdullah and Bean.

We both work from home and we both love cannabis, so there’s occasionally a pinner to pair with morning coffee. And we almost always put up the “gone smoking” sign for a bit at 4:20. Getting lifted fuels our most fun, and fruitful, brainstorming sessions. Sharing a sesh also enhances everything from cooking a meal together to doing the dishes. Buy Marijuana Online With Credit Cart

Why a Good Smoke Session Is the Ultimate Bonding Experience

Think of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan stoned to the gills as they co-created the series Cosmos, or Bob and Rita Marley blazing a spliff before taking the stage together.

So go find that special someone and light one up in honor of these nine incredible cannabis couples who’ve truly changed the game! Vape Pen Batteries

Dennis Peron and Jonathan West

A weed dealer off and on since returning from his tour in Vietnam, Dennis Peron tirelessly and fearlessly advocated for medical cannabis as a compassionate response to the AIDS crisis that devastated San Francisco’s gay community in the 1980s—including by breaking the law to supply AIDS patients with cannabis directly.

America Mourns Passing of Dennis Peron, Father of Medical Marijuana

On January 27, 1990, ten SFPD officers wielding sledgehammers performed a no-knock raid on the home he shared with his long-term partner, Jonathan West, who was gravely ill with AIDS. After the raid recovered only four ounces of cannabis, one of the officers put his boot on West’s neck and taunted him with anti-gay slurs. Then they hauled Peron off to booking, leaving his bedridden partner alone and terrified.

West survived just long enough to testify at the ensuing trial. Frail and in obvious physical agony, his story moved the judge to throw out the case and admonish the arresting officers.

In the Age of Legalization, This Photo Exhibit Celebrates the Cannabis Underground

“Doesn’t that tell you something?” Peron recalled to O’Shaughnessy’s years later. “He lived to testify at my trial and then he let go of life…. Marijuana was the only drug that eased his pain and restored his appetite and gave him some moments of dignity in that last year.”

Peron honored West’s memory by opening the San Francisco Cannabis Buyer’s Club—America’s first openly operating medical cannabis dispensary—and co-authoring Prop 215, the first statewide ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis.

6 Cannabis Dispensaries That Changed the Game

Stephen and Ina May Gaskin

How College ‘Psychedelic Clubs’ Are Changing the Conversation on Drugs

In 1970, along with his future wife Ina May Middleton, Gaskin led a caravan of 60 vehicles from San Francisco to rural Tennessee, where they co-founded The Farm, an idealistic hippie commune that remains alive and thriving today.

As members of the commune began to start families, Ina May and other members of The Farm learned to serve as midwives, eventually opening one of the first out-of-hospital birthing centers in the United States. Ina May later published Spiritual Midwifery (1977), which became a classic text of the modern midwifery movement.

Meet Bob Snodgrass, the Hippie Deadhead Who Invented Heady Glass

His 1998 book Cannabis Spirituality recounts many of these stories while exploring the connection between getting high and accessing higher realms of consciousness.

Michael and Michelle Aldrich

The Most Impactful Cannabis Studies of All Time

In 1972, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) held its first-annual People’s Pot Conference, where he met Michelle Cauble, a harm reduction activist. They quickly fell in love, and dedicated their lives’ work to the cannabis movement.

According to Tokin’ Women, which chronicles the achievements of female cannabis activists:

At all of their speaking engagements, separately or together, the Aldrich’s never fail to rally their audience around a simple demand that’s been their shared organizing principle for nearly fifty years.

“What we want is free, legal backyard cannabis!”

Dr. Donald Abrams and Clint Werner

Dr. Donald Abrams is now the head of oncology at San Francisco General Hospital, the same hospital where he worked throughout. the AIDS crisis after witnessing firsthand how effective cannabis could be in helping restore appetite and quality of life to. Those suffering with the ravages of the condition, he set out to prove via science what he’d already seen with his own eyes. Order Pre-filled Vape Pen Cartridges

A Patient’s Guide to Using Cannabis for Cancer

In 1997, Dr. Abrams began conducting groundbreaking clinical trials of the short-term safety of cannabinoids in HIV infection, and he remains. A leading medical cannabis researcher today.

Meanwhile, his husband Clint Werner has made the latest incredible findings in cannabis science accessible to the masses through his. Groundbreaking book Marijuana: Gateway to Health.

New Hampshire Marijuana Bill Gets Public

Cannabis News : Best Ganja Store

New Hampshire Marijuana Bill Gets Public Hearing, Here’s The Latest On Legalization

New Hampshire lawmakers considering whether to legalize recreational marijuana heard Tuesday from supporters arguing such a move is long overdue. And opponents urging them to resist pressure from surrounding states. Buy Moon Rock Online , Buy Moonrock Online

Ten states have legalized recreational marijuana — including the three bordering New Hampshire — while New York, New Jersey and. Others are considering it this year past efforts have failed in New Hampshire, but Democrats, who added legalization to their. Party platform last year, now control both the House and senate and the bill’s sponsor, Rep renny Cushing, pointed to. Movement in other states as a reason his bill should pass.

“I think we’re in an entirely different political climate right now than we have been in the past,” Cushing,. D-Hampton, said at a news conference ahead of a public hearing on his bill “there’s a reality we. Can’t ignore. I think you’re going to see people who will be intereste in this new emerging market, this new emerging. Product, that ultimately is going to be beneficial for the state’s coffers and for the business climate in New Hampshire.”

The bill before the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Tuesday would legalize up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of recreational marijuana and 5 grams of concentrated cannabis.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, however, opposes legalization and has said he would veto the bill if it passes. While supporters say marijuana could help people recover from opioid addiction, opponents argue legalization would only make things worse in a state with one of the highest rates of opioid overdose deaths. 



Light cannabis use may increase sperm count: study

Cannabis News : Best Ganja Store

Light cannabis use may increase sperm count: study

Smoking small amounts of cannabis has been linke to a higher sperm count in men, new research has found.

Buy vape oil cartridges Online EuropeBuy vape oil cartridges Online Asie , Buy in Europe Kush

According to a team at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, men who had smoked marijuana had higher sperm concentration and count than men who had. Never inhale the men in the study reported smoking an average of two joints per week.

The results, published in the journal Human Reproduction, shocked the research team because they were “not consistent with a deleterious. Role of marijuana smoking on testicular function as initially hypothesized.”Buy Marijuana Online Europe , Order Weed Online Europe

The Harvard researchers collected 1,143 health surveys and semen samples from more than 650 men between the years of. 2000 and 2017 all the men were seeking treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center. On average, the subjects were 36 years old, white and college educated.

READ MORE: Sex after 50: How to have intimacy again later in life

The survey asked the men about past and present drug use, as well as other lifestyle choices. Fifty-five per cent reported having used cannabis at some point in the past, and 11 per cent said they currently used the drug.

The study also found that men who smoked cannabis in the past had slightly higher sperm counts than those who reported using the drug at present.

In an interview with Time, co-author and Harvard associate professor Dr. Jorge Chavarro, stressed that this does not mean using marijuana will increase your sperm count. While he’s not certain of the drug’s impact on male fertility, he believes it’s more likely that men with higher testosterone levels will be more incline to use marijuana.

“It is well-documented that within normal ranges, high testosterone levels are associated with greater engagement in risk-seeking behaviours, including drug use,” he says.

READ MORE: Do you have a common cold or the flu? Here are the cold hard facts

Previous studies have linked heavy cannabis use to lower testosterone levels and a decline in both sperm production and quality. One 2014 study surveyed nearly 2,000 British men and found that men under 30 with less than four per cent normal sperm were twice as likely to have used marijuana in the past three months.

However, Chavarro noted that some of those past studies surveyed men who use multiple drugs at once, making it difficult to pinpoint the effects of marijuana alone.

“There seems to be a lot going on in terms of legalization, but not an equally fast pace in terms of knowing what the health effects of marijuana might be,” Chavarro added. “We’re essentially operating on a very-little-data-scenario.”

Buy Medical Marijuana Online , Buy THC Vape Cartridges Online ,Buy Moonrock Marijuana Online,Buy vape oil cartridges ,

Cannabis now twice as strong as it was 11 years ago, study says

Cannabis now twice as strong as it was 11 years ago, study says

Cannabis now twice as strong as it was 11 years ago, study says These findings show that cannabis resin has changed rapidly across Europe, resulting in a more potent and better value product,’ says lead author of study

Cannabis strength has doubled across Europe in the last 11 years, according to the first study to track changes in the drug across the continent.

Researchers from the University of Bath and King’s College London found both cannabis resin and herbal cannabis have increased in strength and price – with potentially harmful effects for users.

The research, published in the journal Addiction, used data collected from across 28 EU member states as well as Norway and Turkey, for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

In herbal cannabis, concentrations of THC – the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis which has been linked to psychosis – increased from 5 per cent in 2006 to 10 per cent in 2016.

For cannabis resin, THC concentration rose from 8 per cent in 2006 to 10 per cent in 2011, but increased to 17 per cent by 2017.

The price of herbal cannabis jumped from €7.36 per gram to €12.22 (£11) between 2006 and 2016 while the price of cannabis resin increased from €8.21 per gram to €12.27 per gram during the same time period.

Dr Tom Freeman, lead author of the study, said: “These findings show that cannabis resin has changed rapidly across Europe, resulting in a more potent and better value product.”

But speaking of the potential side effects Dr Freeman, from the Addiction and Mental Health Group within the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, added: “Cannabidiol (CBD) has the potential to make cannabis safer, without limiting the positive effects users seek. What we are seeing in Europe is an increase in THC and either stable or decreasing levels of CBD, potentially making cannabis more harmful.”

Cannabis resin typically contains CBD as well as THC. CBD may offset some of the damaging effects of THC such as paranoia and memory impairment.

New resin production techniques in Morocco and Europe have boosted levels of THC but not CBD.

In Britain alone, THC levels in herbal cannabis remained roughly similar between 2006 and 2016, but police seizures indicate they have increased steeply in cannabis resin.

Cannabis is used by an estimated 192 million people each year worldwide in a range of drug markets – spanning from areas under heavily sanctioned prohibition to those where commercialised sales are legal.

Recreational use has now been legalised in Canada and a number of American states, while a law change in November allows UK patients to get medicinal cannabis if prescribed by a specialist doctor.

Earlier this month, a study suggested that cannabis users whose first experience with the drug is with potent “skunk” strains are nearly five times more likely to go on to display signs of dependence.

US researchers discovered higher concentration of THC increased the likelihood that users would develop cravings or risky drug use that unsettles their daily life.

Although medical or recreational cannabis use has been legalised in a growing number of places, there is little regulation on potency – even though this is routine for drugs like alcohol which also cause impairment and dependence.

Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds

Dr Brooke Arterberry, an assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State University who led the research into THC and dependency, said: “THC has linearly increased over two decades.

“Based on the results, states may want to think about the available potency levels of cannabis products, especially with the changing legal landscape of cannabis.”

High-potency skunk has pushed out virtually all other varieties in the UK – with experts warning mental health disorders like psychosis are more common in people who use these stronger strains.

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